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Take Control of your Outcome


Separation can feel confusing and overwhelming


Conflict with your ex makes your future unclear and the lack of resolution can feel like a road block to moving on with your life.


At Future Family Dispute Resolution you don’t have to engage in expensive and lengthy court proceedings. Our aim is to help both parties explore options, and work towards realistic and sustainable long and short term outcomes through a structured mediation process.

Our goal is to make parties feel heard and empowered to move towards an outcome and resolution that they control and can live with moving forward.

How we can help

Future Family Dispute Resolution is a mediation practice based in North Brisbane and is part of Future Family Law.  Our aim is to help separating couples resolve parenting arrangements and property settlements, without the emotional and financial impact of court proceedings.


Flexible attendance options

Mediations can take place, in person, via Zoom or Teams or by phone.

We will discuss the best attendance option that is most likely to achieve a comfortable environment for all participants to optimise the prospects of successful resolution of issues in dispute.

High Resolution Rates

The majority of family separation disputes can be successfully resolved or significantly minimised with the right preparation and guidance and without the need for costly court proceedings.

We will provide you with resources to assist your preparation and success rates.

Fixed Fee

We offer half day and full day, fixed fee options so you have peace of mind about what your costs are.

Service Standards

Mediations are conducted in accordance with the Practice Standards for mediators under National Mediator Accreditation Standards and the Attorney General’s Regulation of Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners Regulator Performance Framework. This ensures that you receive a quality mediation service at all times.


Knowing what to expect about the dispute resolution process is key to the success of mediation.  

Intake and invitations for dispute resolution


Suitability assessment by Mediator


Scheduling and attendance at joint Mediation Session




My name is Selena James. I am an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and the Practice Director of Future Family Law.

Since 2006 I have been practising exclusively in family law, and I am deeply passionate about the work and the outcomes for my clients.  I completed my qualification in Family Dispute Resolution as I recognised via my legal work that mediation and dispute resolution is an essential a way to assist and empower parties to resolve disputes without the expense and stress of litigation and court proceedings.

The flexibility and nature of the mediation process in allowing parties to explore the interests and needs and be future focused aligns with my values and goals which are to empower individuals and families to move forward with their post separation lives in a way that is cohesive, positive and co-operative.

People often ask me why family law? For me, it is the human element, the journey and the wonderful people I meet through my work. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing parties find solutions and find optimism for their future.

I believe every person deserves to find happiness and hope for their future.  Our relationships and the separation that sometimes follows is part of our life story – it is an experience that shapes us as human beings.  As mediator it allows me to empower separated families to take control of their conflict and own their outcomes in a way that is best for their own unique and dynamic circumstances.  In mediation we can identify, review and acknowledge the individuals needs as well as the needs of the children and other family members that might be impacted by the separation to create and achieve outcomes in ways that may not be available to parties in a litigated court process.   This is what makes the mediation process so rewarding and satisfying.

Throughout the early 2000s, I worked in general practice covering areas such as conveyancing, property development, criminal law, leasing, wills and estate planning and mortgage advice. This experience provided me with invaluable and essential knowledge to hone my niche in family law.

I am a country girl, I grew up in Central Queensland and have worked across different regions of Australia including Perth and the Sunshine Coast before becoming a North Brisbane local. The various moves provided me with exposure to outstanding mentors and some exceptional firms and colleagues from whom I have learnt and grown over the years allowing me to bring a wealth of life and professional experience to my practice as a mediator.

The slogan “Real people, real problems, real solutions” derives from my values and ethos. I am empathetic and compassionate, but also realistic and practical in my advice and dealings with my clients. My goal is to empower parties to navigate their way through what is often a rocky road fraught with many challenges both emotionally, financially and practically, resulting in a happy and conflict-free future.


We offer fixed fees for all work so you have certainty, control, transparency and efficiency at every step of the process.   Contact us to arrange a fixed fee intake consultation by phone or by Zoom.

How it works

  • Intake session booked with Party A.
  • Invitation to participate in Intake Issues to Party B.
  • Intake of Party B.
  • Suitability assessment by Mediator and booking of joint session – either online or in person.
  • Attendance of parties and mediator at joint session – half day and full day rates available.
  • Heads of Agreement and/or parenting plan will be drafted with parties during mediation session.
  • Parties can choose to sign or seek independent legal advice before signing any agreement reached.


$220.00 inc GST per person for Intake.
$1650.00 inc GST per session half day mediation 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm;.
$3300.00 inc GST per session for full day mediation 9am to 5pm.
Room hire fees – to be determined by venue.
$165.00 inc GST Issue of Section 60i Certificate and/or completion of court Dispute Resolution Certificates.

All fees payable in advance. Contribution to joint session fees will be split equally unless both participants agree otherwise.

Still not sure?

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We believe that empowerment and knowledge are the best tools to equip you for your separation journey. We will help you to set goals, identify the tasks that are necessary, and assist you to make the informed decisions to move forward with your life post-separation.


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